What I found this week/The Scott's addition

Hi all, are you ready for some shopping?  This week it’s all about Scott’s.  There were so many great things this month (who am I kidding, it’s always great).  Let’s take a look.

After traveling overseas for more than 10 years, I have a real love for Asian inspired pieces.  Some of these were antiques and some were reproductions, but either way, they were beautiful.

Love the colors.

More fabulous colors.  These could be used for so many things in your home.

These are antique print blocks.  They were used to make the prints on fabrics.  I love this photo.  I didn’t use my fancy camera either, just my iPhone.  Always  remember that you can take photos that you love and frame them.  It’s a wonderful way to create inexpensive artwork in your home.

Speaking of artwork, there’s no way my iPhone could do this piece any justice.  Andrea Costa is the artist.  It felt like you could just walk right into it.

This gorgeous table was in the same booth.  You can see more of Andrea’s work in the background.


These shagreen lovelies were out of my price range, but oh so gorgeous!  I’d love to have the pair in my living room.

Closeup of the top.


I picked up two of these ottomans for a client.  They will be used at a game table in her family room.  That pillow was awesome as well!


It wasn’t all about shopping, though.  I met fellow blogger Kenya of Greenhouse Redesign.  It always amazes me how many people I’ve met since I started blogging.  Be sure to check out Greenhouse Redesign here.

And finally, I stopped by Anthropologie this and I had to show you these items they were using for display.  Can you tell what they are?

Plastic spoons and straws!  What will they think of next?!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!  What did you find this week?  Send me a pic and I might add it to next week’s post!

Have a great weekend!


How to spice up a white kitchen

A friend of mine sent me a note the other day and asked my advice about her kitchen.  The cabinetry is white and will stay that way, but she wants to replace her countertops and backsplash.  I suggested a white subway tile for the backsplash.  It’s timeless and can be very economical.  The only problem with an all white kitchen is that it can sometimes feel very sterile and blah (yes, that is an official decorating term).  Here are a few ways that you can add some interest to your all white kitchen.  Definitely no blah here!

This chandelier is unexpected, but the perfect addition to this traditional kitchen.  The metal finish also picks up the warmth in the countertop.  A silver finish wouldn’t have felt the same.


These drum shades give this kitchen the pop it needs to feel updated and modern.  Add in dark wood floors and black barstools and the look is anything but boring.


This is one of my favorites and it has everything to do with those amazing globe fixtures.  It feels like this kitchen was made just for them.


In this kitchen the backsplash itself is the story.  The size, the sheen and the dark grout make this tile backsplash stand out.  Remember that you don’t always have to match the grout color to the tile.  This kitchen would not have the same impact without the dark grout.  It’s a simple thing that can make a huge difference in your space.


Finally, even though this kitchen has bead board backsplash instead of tile, you get the idea.  But, what’s the wow factor here?  It’s the lighting, that beautiful accent color in the bookcases and the dark wood countertop.  They all work together to make this small kitchen stand out without feeling cluttered or busy.

I hope this has helped you with your all white kitchens.  These are just a few ideas and there are many more.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.  What have you seen or done in your own spaces?  How do you keep them from feeling blah?