Guess where we went?


If you follow me on instagram or facebook, this will not be a surprise at all.  Last week was spring break and we took the girls to…



…the Grand Canyon!  What an amazing place.  It is truly awe inspiring to stand there and look over the edge at something that has been there for millions of years.  We joked about the first explorer who came upon it.  Can you imagine?  No cell phones, no mail, no way to share this phenomenal discovery!



It is so hard to describe the massiveness of what you see there standing at the edge.  I love this picture of Eric.  Not only does it show you how cute my hubby is, but it also helps you see the vastness of the Grand Canyon.  Amazing!



After our visit to the Grand Canyon, we made our way to Sedona.  While I enjoyed the Grand Canyon, Sedona was my favorite.  It was a perfect day and our first stop was a ride on the Pink Jeep Tour.  Eric made these reservations and I’ll be honest, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into.



This is the “hill” that we had just driven (slid) down right before the jeep behind us.  We were actually sitting at a 45 degree angle while the driver told us a few interesting facts.  My oldest loved it, my youngest covered her eyes for most of the ride.



This view at the top was well worth the rough ride, though.



This is right before we left to go home.  We were all tired, but so happy that we came.  If you haven’t had the chance to visit the Grand Canyon or Sedona, AZ, be sure to add them to your bucket list.  You will not be disappointed.

I’ll be back to the business of design this week, so stay tuned to instagram and facebook at Lori May Interiors for a sneak peek into my week!  I’m thrilled to be the keynote speaker at the Designer’s Workroom Council annual meeting this Thursday.  It’s sure to be a fun day!  If you’re in the Atlanta area, I’d love to see you!

My week in pictures

Hello again friends.  When I checked in with you last week, I mentioned that there was a lot going on.  Today I thought I’d share a few pics with you, some work and some personal.  Enjoy!


Sherry and I took apart our Inspiration House space on Tuesday.  It was certainly bittersweet.  Hard to believe that what was once this…



…became this, in an hour.  Such a wonderful experience.  So many wonderful people.  I was honored to be a part.


After work, came play, and we were off to spend some much needed time away.


We headed to the NC mountains to stay in Angela’s cottage.  The kids stayed back at the cottage with my parents and Eric and I toured the Biltmore.



If you have the opportunity to visit this American “castle”, please do.  I’ve been before and each time, I discover something new.  I only wish they let you take pictures inside.  🙁



This was my favorite shot.  I have no idea how old this wisteria vine is, but it’s a beauty.  If you follow me on Instagram and Vine, you saw many more pics and my first ever videos.  You can find me at Lori May Interiors.  I’d love to hear from you!



We were able to make a quick stop here after our Biltmore tour.



Not real sure what these were used for, but I loved the colors.



I still regret that I didn’t get these stars.  I think they would have looked great in Kate’s room.



Pins and bouys, anyone?



Sherry, I thought of you when I saw this fab brass propeller.  Perfect accessory for a bookshelf.  At $75, it was a bit rich for me.



Love the sparkle and shine.



Great use of old yard sticks.



One of my favorite chairs.



Great lamp.



Back to the Biltmore for just a second.  Remember the shot of Eric and I at the beginning of this post.  The bright blue clear sky?  As we were leaving this is what we saw.  I should have known something was about happen.



This is what happened.  We woke up Saturday morning to this.  My kids were ecstatic!



The day was spent doing this.  So happy that my sweet nephews were able to join us too!



By Monday morning, this was the view as we headed back to Atlanta.  I hope you all had a great week last week.  I’m still getting back into the swing of things.  Four day weeks are always hard for me.  I’ll be sharing that master bedroom reveal that I told you about on Friday.

See you then!