I got shelves today!

Now I realize this may seem a bit odd that I am soooo excited about a few shelves, but let me tell you that for the past few weeks, I’ve been working in chaos.  (Who am I kidding, it always seems to be chaos around here, but this was beyond chaos even for me!)  So, after debating what to do first in my new office, paint? furniture? window treatments? I decided to go a different route.  Storage!

After a painless trip to the Container Store, JD arrived this morning to install these beauties in my office and in Kate’s closet upstairs (more on that later).  Yes, we did pay extra to have them installed, but before you judge, know that it’s these small things that keep my marriage in tact.  It took JD 4 hours of silent construction to install everything.  Let’s just say, it would have taken much longer for Eric and I to do this together and it would not have been pleasant or silent.

Now, as I sit here writing this post, for just a moment, all is right with the world.  No, everything is not in the correct spot and there’s a ton left to do, but for just this moment, life seems a bit less daunting and I feel that ever fleeting calm.

And all it took was a few white shelves.  🙂

Sometimes things don't always go as planned...

Well, I had planned a different post for today, but this is what I found when I opened my closet door this morning.

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned do they?  The bar broke in my closet last night.  I had other projects planned for my weekend, but now it looks like I’ll be redoing my closet.  After giving it some thought, I decided that this is a great opportunity to give my closet a much needed update.  I’ve always wanted an inspiring space, but I’ve never taken the time to do it.


Who wouldn’t want a closet like this?  Unfortunately, I don’t have this much space to play with, but here are a few closets that I love.


This is definitely one of my favorites.  I think I’ll add a pretty light fixture.  We should all have a little glamour in our closets.


This is such a serene space.  There’s something I like about having doors.  (maybe because I could hide all of my unorganized stuff…)


I love the closet “island”.  These cabinets are very similar to the ones I have in my closet.  I like the added texture of the bench and the baskets.


Love the mirrored doors and the shelving.  Why don’t my folded things look this neat when I’m done.  I think I need a folding lesson.


Here are two things that I will definitely add to my new closet.  A festive wallpaper or a beautiful new paint color on the walls and…



…jewelry, scarf and bag storage.  I love these two simple solutions.

Do you have a pretty closet?  What are your best tips for displaying and storing your accessories and clothing?  Send me your pics and I’ll do a follow up post with all of  your helpful hints.  If you’d like to see a few more of my favorite closets, head over to my Pinterest page.