Put Your Feet Up - Comfortable Basement Lounging

This Marietta home boasts a comfortably casual basement that makes you feel right at home. Everything in this room is meant to be enjoyed and capable of handling real life…spills and all! We chose wood-tone plank tile flooring as it is just as beautiful as it is durable. It can withstand pretty much anything, which we love!

You’ll notice that we have added trays and moveable tables so that there’s a place for everything. The ottoman, footed with wheels, doubles as a footrest for movie-watching and as a coffee table with a tray on top.

This table is perfect for reading your favorite book while not taking up too much floor space with the base sliding under the sofa. Adding a sisal area rug brings in texture and warmth while the mirrors on the wall reflect natural light brightening everything up.

We placed a rustic wood bench behind the sofa to allow for extra seating and as a place to put a throw blanket, drinks and snacks. The most important part about a comfortable living room is having a place for everything you need within arms reach so you can put your feet up and enjoy.

Like the ottoman, this wheeled table is quite versatile. You can move it anywhere you need with ease. We especially love that it’s 3-tiered and metal, you really can’t ruin metal with an accidental spill. This is comfortable basement lounging. Inviting and warm, with everything you need within arms reach. It just doesn’t get any better that that!


Roswell Ranch Living: Part II

Last month we toured the heart of this lovely Roswell Ranch home where the open layout of the living room, kitchen and hearth room blends traditional design with modern sophistication. Now we move down the hall to the guest bathroom, guest room, and office that can cleverly convert to a second guest room. Adding touches of orange throughout pulls the entire home together. We had some fun with patterns as well!


lori april 1


Orange Collage Nimkar


Summer is almost here which means the season for family visiting from out of town is upon us. It’s always tricky trying to think of everything your guests may need. To make your guests feel at home, think of the little things that make a big difference, like this personalized TV guide. If you know your guests love traveling and history be sure to include picks such as the Travel Channel, National Geographic, and the History Channel to their personalized TV guide. They will notice your hospitality and thoughtfulness!




Fresh flowers and note cards placed on the desk completes this “hotel suite” feel and the mirror adds versatility, as this writing desk can now be used as a vanity for the guest while they are getting ready for the day. We love having one furniture piece that can be used in different ways.








To maximize space in the guest bathroom a pedestal sink was the perfect choice while glass shelves hold fluffy white towels. Who doesn’t love fluffy white towels?! Anything reminiscent of a luxury hotel is key in making your guests feel at home.


S1W6yTSupfNKkRex7NS5puvnAF3dbDjiS1XqdbLj1AQ,ENVMiuIopGEhHV-T168BtN9lwd_pd8xSkL-z5vU9UFMoriginal art by Catie Radney at dk Gallery in Dowtown Marietta, Georgia




Beautiful soaps, lotions and luxurious toiletries are always a plus. We opted for a graphic navy and white striped shower curtain, which widens the feel of this smaller bathroom and creates a bold statement in an otherwise neutral space. A soft, cozy bath mat completes the luxury hotel feel.







The home office cleverly converts to a second guest room with this fold-out sofa. We brought in both navy and orange to flow with the guest bath and the rest of the home. Our two favorite things in this room would be the wall art and the lucite base desk lamp. Both the art and the lamp bring that touch of modern style that pairs well with the mid century modern wood desk and chair. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, textures, and styles. Have fun with it!


Office Guest Collage NIMKAR