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What a thrill!  I am so honored to be featured again in this fabulous magazine.  For those of you who remember, my sweet girls and I were featured on the cover of Black Dress Red Wagon last year.  If you live in Cobb County, you should definitely subscribe (it’s free!) and if you don’t, they have just as much if not more wonderful content online.  In this issue, I, along with 3 other amazing designers, share our top design tips.  Head over to to read the article.

Just a quick note about me, as many of you know, I took the summer off from the blog to spend time with my girls and take some time to reevaluate my design business.  What did I learn?  I think my biggest takeaway has been that taking a step back from the blog, though frightening at first, was the best thing I could have done.  It has given me an amazing amount of clarity.  I have gone from being completely reactive and drained of energy to feeling in control again.  Now, I can’t wait to sit down at my desk and tackle my to do list!  I’ll explain more later, but just know that there are some great things happening and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Have a great day!