Hard to believe that the summer is half over.  I know that you’re all swamped with vacations, projects and summer activities, but I wanted to touch base.  I realize that my last post was in the month of May.  If you follow me on pinterest, instagram or twitter you may have noticed that I haven’t been there either.  I have been on on a social media detox of sorts.  It wasn’t truly planned, but as my project load increased and my work hours decreased due to the girls being home for the summer, I realized that something had to give.

I’ll be honest, while I have missed being around and involved, it has been heaven.  I have hung out with my kids and my husband.  I have had cookouts with friends and this week the whole family will be visiting my parents for a good old fashioned 4th of July celebration topped off with the 10th birthday of my oldest!  Where does the time go?  Can it really have been 10 years?  It has and it’s flying by even faster each day.

I am truly enjoying this summer and I hope you are too.  Take time to give someone an extra long hug today and tell your family that you love them.

I’ll see you back here in August.