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It is hard to believe that May is almost here.  Jen is back with us today to share some ideas that would make wonderful gifts any day, but especially on May day.  Jen and I would love to hear which ones are your favorites and how you would use these sweet floral gifts.  (My favorite is the yogurt cup and flowers.)  Enjoy!

Hi Everyone! It’s Jen from At Home in the Northwest!

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As many of you probably know, May 1st is May Day. According to, ‘In medieval England, people would celebrate the start of spring by going out to the country or woods—”going a-maying”—and gathering greenery and flowers, or “bringing in the may.” ‘ Hence the term “May Day”!

I found a handful of really fun ideas for celebrating May Day. They all seem very simple to implement, so if you’re in the mood to ring someone’s doorbell and run, leaving them with a little bit of spring on their front porch, then keep reading. {You can click on the images for more specifics on each project}.

1. tin can and paper bag

Everyone has an extra soup can and paper bag laying around!! And if you’re short on jute twine, any fun ribbon will do the job.


2. small potted plant

A six pack of flowers potted in tiny pots becomes a quick May Day surprise! Hang it with torn material or fun ribbon.


3. small basket

This one is so precious! I’m sure the dollar store would be a good place to look for small baskets. Then add some greenery or tulips from your garden.


4. seed packet and paper leaves

How fun would this be for your kiddo’s to help with?! Add a packet of seeds instead of fresh flowers. Then the recipient can plant the seeds and enjoy flowers all summer long.


5. mason jar and wire

If you have a an extra jar laying around, this would be an easy project! Add some wire, ribbon or jute twine and you’re ready for May Day.


6. twigs and a yogurt container

This one may be my favorite of the May Day containers! They used a yogurt container with twigs glued to the outside. And a hole punch was used around the neck of the yogurt container for the ribbon. So cute!


Aren’t these all fun ideas for May Day or for anytime this spring or summer?!! If you want to brighten someone’s day, I’m sure they would welcome a little spring on their doorstep anytime, be it May Day or not!

And if you aren’t in the ‘ding and dash’ May Day mood, you could always use one of these as a centerpiece in your home!

Thanks for having me here today, Lori!

Love them all Jen.  Thanks for being here today!

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