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Jennifer from Vreeland Road, Sherry, me and Joann from Kandrac and Cole

Thank you to our wonderful friends who came out to support Sherry and I on Thursday night.  It was a thrill to have everyone finally see our space in person.  For those of you that I did not get to say hello to, please forgive me and thank you so much for coming.  For those of you who live out of town, but have been so over the top supportive, thank you!  To all of you, I cannot express how much your support means to me.  This was definitely a labor of love and your kind words got us through.

Tonight is the premiere party and tomorrow we open to the public!  If you’re in Atlanta, be sure to stop by!  You can click here for details.

Today, I thought I’d share with you a few more sneak peeks of the some of the other designers’ spaces.  Let me tell you, everyone knocked it out of the park!

Bill Ingram Architects


Rhonda Peterson and Associates


Harrison Design Associates

Petite Maison


Y. McFaddon LLC


Brooke Merrill Home


Wesley Huffard


Summer Loftin Antiques


LWC Interiors


Bryan Alan Kirkland Designs


Reiner White Design Studio


Dayka Robinson Designs


Parker Kennedy Living


Hope you enjoyed the sneak!  Have a great weekend!


13 Responses

      1. We were hoping to make it, but our Son will be visiting from Asia. We were looking forward to it! Thanks for asking and MC says “Hi”!

    1. Thank you Jill! It was so nice to meet both you and Steve. Sherry and I stopped into you shop yesterday. Love, love, love everything!!

  1. Love, love, love what you and Sherry did. I want a babysitter, a book, a fuzzy robe, something hot to drink and three days in that room alone. That’s all I ask. Can’t wait to see it again this weekend!