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I’m so lucky to have my good friend Jen from At Home in the Northwest back here at the blog today.  She has put together 3 wonderful (and easy) projects you can do with your kids for Thanksgiving.  Enjoy!

Hi! I’m Jen from At Home in the Northwest. Lori invited me here today to share a few fun Thanksgiving projects that can be done with your kids.

While I try to have a thankful heart, I am not always successful. Life gets busy. Kids get cranky and it’s easy to lose sight of our blessings. So hopefully these projects will give you a tangible way to remember what you have to be thankful for.


free thankful tag download from jones design company

To create this thankful tree…

1. Grab branches from your yard. 2. Select a vase or container to hold the branches. 3. Place rocks in the vase to secure the branches. 4. Download thankful tags here (or create your own) to be hung from your branches.

Here are my kiddo’s working on their thankful tree….

And it’s so sweet to see the tags written in their handwriting.


1. Download tree image here. 2. Drag image into your favorite word program. {I used Pages on my Mac}. You can either personalize them with names and dates in Word or Pages, or leave the tree plain.

3. Gather your favorite ink pad colors.

4. Have kiddo’s start stamping away with their thumbs!

Frame the new artwork and you have permanently frozen those tiny thumbprints in time.
What more is there to be thankful for than tiny fingerprints?!


I just saw this at a friends house and had to include it in this post!

1. Print “gratitude”, “thankful” of ‘”blessings” directly on a piece of paper or dress it up with some scrapbook paper. 2. Place in an 8×10 frame {leaving the glass out.} 3. Set out a pen for friends and family to write down the items that they are thankful for.

Aren’t those fun Thanksgiving themed projects?! You can do them by yourself, or include your friends and family in on the fun!

Thanks for having me here today, Lori!!


Thanks for sharing today Jen!  I’ll be over at Jen’s blog next month, so stay tuned.  There are more photos from the UMCH project to come on Friday!

Have a great day!


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  1. I have used the children’s prints for many projects, but this is one of the best ideas yet.