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photography by Jennifer Harris

A few months back, Elizabeth, the managing editor of one of our most popular local magazines, asked me if I’d be willing to be photographed for their fall home and garden issue.  I said no…just kidding, I jumped at the chance.  I’ve been a huge fan of Little Black Dress/Little Red Wagon for a long time now.

Here is their mission statement.  “Little Black Dress/Little Red Wagon seeks to inspire women to lead whole, authentic lives, balancing the creativity, playfulness and unabashed love of being a mom with the individuality, femininity and strength of being a woman. We believe that joy comes from both pulling that little red wagon, donning that little black dress…and all the moments in between.”

Don’t you love that last part?  It really does speak to me and I know it will to many of you as well.  I am completely honored to be a small part of this publication.  Now, on to the best part.

photography by Jennifer Harris

The back cover of the issue is me and my girls!  I know I’m totally biased, but aren’t they the cutest?


photography by Jennifer Harris

They even let Eric get in on the fun.


photography by Jennifer Harris

Love this one.  They’re each telling me a secret.


photography by Jennifer Harris

If you’d like to read the article, feel free to click over to LBD/LRW.  I discuss my appearance on HGTV’s Design Wars, my non profit work with Room Service Atlanta and offer a few design tips as well.  Believe it or not, there are a few more photos as well, if you’re not too tired of looking at my mug yet!!


I’ve got one more trick up my sleeve today.  Remember this?


How about this?

This is our fabulous blogger getaway to the Cashiers, NC show house last year.  The 1st photo is the breathtaking view from Angela’s gorgeous cottage in nearby Waynesville.  Now, for the good part.  A stay at the cottage and a trip to this year’s show house can be yours as well.  Click here to view the dates and special pricing.  Get the girls together and take a trip.  You won’t regret it!



25 Responses

  1. Lori!! You must be beside yourself – congratulations on this great feature. The photos are beautiful of you and your family – they did a great job. And I love the coral color used in the wardrobe choices. I’ll have to take a few minutes to read your article. Congrats my friend 🙂

  2. oh my gosh Lori!!!! This is awesome! and you look stunning!!!!! And your girls are just adorable! Heading over now to see the article- so excited for you friend!

    1. Thanks so much Amanda. Trying out something new with wordpress. Will you let me know if you receive this reply comment through email?

  3. Congratulations Lori!! You and the girls look absolutely beautiful!!! They must be thrilled!!!!

  4. Congratulations Lori!! You’ve accomplished so many wonderful things with your business. You and the girls are beautiful! I also love the coral color.

  5. Gosh! How very exciting! How wonderful you look! How darling are your girls! I can’t wait to read the article. Hey, I just came through your “neck of the woods” going to north Georgia this past weekend for a gathering of college girlfriends at a mountain lodge in Blue Ridge, Georgia. I had never heard of the town until we started planning a trip…it was beautiful.

  6. That is so fantastic!! Love both covers – you all look so darling! I’m not the least bit surprised that they asked you to be on the cover and in their issue. You are so very talented!



    1. Thanks so much Jen! I hope you’re doing well. We need to chat soon. The girls go back to school on Monday, so let’s plan a a time after that. When you yours go back?

  7. Fantastic news!
    Great photography- your girls are darling!
    I love watching all these doors open for such a talented beautiful woman. Shine On Lori!

  8. So fantastic. And you’re such a beauty! The girls are adorable, of course. I am just not surprised by your success, not one bit. Go you!