What I found this week #15 (A cool vintage sign and the chair I left without.)

Wow, I realized today that I haven’t posted a “What I found this week” post since May.  While I realize that you’ve all survived without it just fine.  I’m ready to get back into some kind of routine.  Summer is great, but I do thrive on an everyday routine, don’t you?


Earlier this week, Sherry Hart and I decided to drive to Senoia, GA and see the Southern Living 2012 Idea House.  If you’re in the area, don’t miss it. As always it was fabulous and inspiring.  I couldn’t get the ideas down on paper fast enough.  More on that later, but today let’s talk shopping in Senoia.  To be honest, I had never even heard of this little town before we went, but what a wonderful find.  There is a quaint downtown area with small boutique shops and restaurants.  Here are a few of the things I found.

This mantle is a bit rustic for my taste, but isn’t the chalkboard a great idea?  You wouldn’t have to use it all year long, just in the summer when you’re not using the fireplace.  I could especially see this in keeping rooms off kitchens that are so popular here in the South.  If you’re not all that artistic, you could use a stencil and a chalk paint pen.  Have any of you ever done this?  I’d love to see your photos.


Love the red pediment and the jars.  Sorry for the blurry pic!


Loved this display.  Wonderful accessories to brighten a kitchen or bookcases.


My favorite piece in this shop was this sign.  We have a lot of industrial styled lofts in the Atlanta area and I can so see this fabulous sign being used above a bed or sofa in one of those spaces.  It really spoke to me.  What a statement piece!


Some of the greatest finds were in the back building of course.  White pediment, anyone?


Great old light fixtures.


I seriously contemplated how to get this large white piece on top of my SUV.  It would make the most perfect headboard.  Mix in some modern touches and you would have perfection.


Last but not least was this find of the day.  It was $125, but see that little red tag?  That’s right, 50% off!  Did I get it?  No.  Do I regret it?  Yes, so, so much.  Remember, friends, if you see something you love, even if you don’t have a place for it, sometimes you should just go ahead and get it.  I’m still kind of sick about it…

Take care friends.



What I learned from Haven 2012 (It's not what you think.)

Hi all, I spent the end of last week at the Haven conference that was held here in Atlanta.  Haven is a DIY bloggers conference.  Now, before you get the hiccups from laughing too hard about the DIY part, I realize that I’m not a huge DIY’er.  But, with a line up like this…

John and Sherry from Young House Love (and yes, they did have sweet Clara and Burger with them)…


Mr. Goodwill Hunting


Kevin and Layla from The Lettered Cottage


and my awesome Atlanta designer friends Sherry and Erika, plus the inspiring Darlene from Fieldstone Hill, I couldn’t miss it.


The icing on the cake was that I got to see my sweet friend Jen.  It’s been over ten years and 4 kids since we’ve seen each other.  Jen has been blogging at At Home in the Northwest for a few months now and contributes to my blog every few weeks as well.  I also met Amanda from Amanda Carol at Home.  We’ve been blogger friends for a while now, but meeting her in person was so much better.  We could have talked all night and almost did a couple of times.


While the conference was very educational and I may even find the courage to pick up a paint brush again, what I took away from these few days was what an amazing support group I have found with these women.  I met so many women who read my blog or whose blogs I’ve read for years.  There were women with blogs of all sizes, women without blogs who just love to DIY and even a few men.  But, the thing that brought us all together was our respect and support of each other.  There were no pretenses, no I’m better than you.  It was all hugs, smiles and long talks about what inspires us and how we can help each other.

In a world that makes it so hard for women to like each other, this was a wonderful few days of love and acceptance.  I want to say thank you to everyone who attended Haven.  I will not forget your kindness.  See you next year.