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When I speak with a client about wallpaper, I often get a “No, I would never use it,  it’s so old fashioned”.  Once they say that I will usually nod and move on.  If it’s a space where I can really see using a beautiful paper, I’ll bring the swatches to the presentation and lay them out with the fabric, floor plan and inspiration photos and wait for the reaction.  It’s almost always the same.  “Wow, I can’t believe that that is wallpaper!”  Some client’s confuse it with the fabric swatches that I’m proposing for their window treatments or pillows.  Today, I’m going to share a few of my favorites by Phillip Jeffries.

This could warm up any office space.




I think these are the examples that most people think of when they think of wallpaper.  Neutral grasscloths, but there are also these…





…bright colors and patterns.



And papers that look like stone.



These, however, are my current favorites.  I want to use this pattern in a bathroom project that I hope to be working on soon.  It’s a great space, but it needs a little something and this beautiful patterned paper will be perfect.  It will add a softness and texture that will lighten up the dark surfaces.  Add a little sparkle and it will be the perfect guest bath.

Take a look at wallpaper next time you get a chance.  You might be surprised by what you find.


5 Responses

  1. I love the “studded” wallpaper! Can you tell me where you found that?


  2. Ever since we bought our house I’ve always been anti-wallpaper, but the textures in some of these really get me and I would definitely consider using it in a small dose in another home or for a client. These examples are all really pretty – I really like the ones at the bottom as well that you might use for your project. HOpe you had a great weekend Lori!

  3. These examples are drop dead gorgeous Lori. Wallpaper has certainly come a long way. I love them all, but I would kill to have a room to hang the first masculine herringbone pattern.