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Do you find yourself pinning tons of beautiful things and then never looking at them again?  Sometimes I do, so I spent some time reviewing my boards the other day and reminding myself of why I pinned those images in the first place.  I found myself spending a lot of time on my DIY board.  Here are a few things that inspired me and made me want to recreate them in my own home.


This console table for my dining room has been on my list for a while.  Since I want a custom size, my dad has graciously offered to build the base for me.  I love the two toned neutral combo on this piece, but my favorite part is the top.  I’d love to use a piece of salvaged marble on the top of my piece.



Staying with the furniture theme,  I have a pair of ottomans that I would love to recover.  Even with my limited sewing skills, I might be able to pull this one off.



This piece of artwork took an insane amount of time, but it was so worth it.  I’m thinking about a slightly different version for my oldest daughter’s room.



Another option for the girl’s rooms.  I think I may let them do this one.  What do you think?



This installation blows me away every time.  Functional and beautiful.  My girls love to draw more than just about anything and they want this badly.  (P.S.  There are pros and cons to letting your children look at Pinterest with you!)



Fabric remnant wrapped shoe box tops.  This one could really be a no cost project.  Love the possibilities.



Finally, these sweet boxes could be used anywhere, but I’m thinking about using them as end of the year teacher gifts.  Fill the top one with a gift card from the class, stack and tie with a white satin ribbon.  Perfect.

What have you pinned lately?  I’d love for you to join me over at Pinterest and I’d love to join you too.  Leave your Pinterest address in the comments and I’ll pop by!

8 Responses

  1. Your desserts had me drooling the other day. I’ve been so back and forth with Pinterest, but I’ve really made a point to try to pin with a purpose recently – and really pin those images that I feel a connection to and would want to review in the future for a project. I love that console and the skirt on the console. And good tip about the kids and Pinterest – I wonder if Pinterest will still be around when Sheila gets older and ready to make her own design decisions? Do your girls make design decisions? hehe..I love having a girl!!

  2. I feel the same way! I actually don’t use Pinterest very much. To be 100% honest I feel like in the world of blogs and Facebook we can too easily stress ourselves out by creating an ideally beautiful life for ourselves, one that we could never actually lead! I don’t want to pin things that make me feel like I’m behind schedule on creating a beautiful stylish life for myself. So I agree that your method of focusing on what really jumps out at us is great. And now I really want to DIY those fabric-wrapped shoebox tops! 😉

  3. Oh I’m love/hate with Pinterest…I really use it primarily for blog research. You know, instead of google image search. No, I rarely go back to see what I’ve pinned but I also don’t pin a ton of stuff. What with the blog, FB, twitter, reading other blogs…I don’t have another internet minute! 🙂 I miss reading real books, boo hoo.

  4. I love Pinterest – it’s great for blog photos, and I have a board for every room I’m working on. I find it so useful to scroll back through and see what has been inspiring me. It gives me motivation to keep going, or helps me make a decision when I see it could be heading away from my inspiration. I love that console – I’ve been planning a skirted console too!

  5. Loved this article – we have been absolutely loving it for collecting ideas and inspirations!

    We just put together a handy little guide about how to get started on Pinterest – hope you find it useful! If anyone needs an invite, they can get in touch with us on our page – happy to help!