What a weekend!  It was busy as always, but I unplugged a bit and just had fun with my girls. It was soooo worth it.  I’m back to it today, but here are a few highlights from my weekend.  (And, yes, I did work on the cabinet, but I didn’t get it finished.)  Today’s another day, right?



How proud is she?  Charlotte graduated from her white belt to a white belt senior.  It’s so great to see her do something that was just for her and not just because her big sis was doing it.


Of course, there were lots of Valentine’s made over the past couple of days.  Kate woke up feeling under the weather on Sunday, so she’ll be home with me tomorrow.  (I’m secretly glad. I love spending unexpected time with her.)


Now, I did manage to get started on my chalk paint project as well this weekend.  I was hoping to finish it, but it has required more coats of paint than I expected and you can’t rush these things, as much as I’d like to.

Here’s where I started.  Yes, I am painting in my family room.  Winter has decided to visit Atlanta this weekend and even though it’s supposed to be short lived, it’s freezing and I hate being cold.  Even in the garage!


Here it is after the first coat. Remember, my DIY skills are pretty limited and this this is the first time I’ve used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint. Let’s say I was a bit concerned after the first coat.  See all those nasty streaks?  Everyone said to be patience and not worry, so I added another coat hoping it would be the last…


But, no luck. Better, but not enough coverage with two coats.  So, I’m on to coat number three now and hoping that will be the last.  I am hoping to show you the finished product on Wednesday.

I hope you all had a great weekend as well.  I don’t tell you this enough, but thank you all so much for reading.  I loved the birthday wishes last week!