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How exciting is Christmas eve? Around here, my girls can hardly wait for tonight, while I’m trying to make it last as long as possible!  Today, I thought it was a perfect time to share a few photos of our home and what we’ve been up to the last couple of days.

our tree

I think it’s only right to start with the tree.  I have to say that I usually take a lot of time with our tree, but this year, I decided to let the girls do it themselves.  I think they did an amazing job.  I added the bow at the top, when we realized that our angel was too big this year!


our elf

We are so sad that our little friend goes home to Santa tonight.



I love these angels.


our kitchen

I love how this vignette came together in our kitchen.  I found a similar image on pinterest and it worked perfectly here.  See the snowflakes in the background?  Those are generally the only ones we have in Atlanta at Christmas!


kitchen window

Can you see the white tension rod?  I saw this on a carpet cleaning commercial of all places, but it works perfectly.  Add a bit of ribbon and a few ornaments, easy peasy and inexpensive.  I love how it adds color to my window without blocking the view.


another view


kitchen mantle

Here’s our mantle.  I literally walked into the yard and pulled together a few things and added a bit of mercury glass.

love the red nandina berries


dining room

On to the dining room… Here, I wanted to keep my decor very simple and natural.  I raided my neighbors magnolia tree (thanks Michelle!) and made a magnolia wreath and centerpiece.


another view





My girls insisted that I post their cookies for Santa.  Kate’s cookie may or may not have a small bite taken out of it!


red velvet cake

And last, but not least, it’s not Christmas around our house without red velvet cake, a tradition started by my grandmother when I was a child.  Even though, we don’t spend Christmas back home any more, making this cake always makes me feel like Christmas has arrived.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.  Don’t forget to enter my red and white Christmas giveaway!

It’s been a whirlwind Christmas season for me, but today will be filled with baking, Christmas carols at church and dinner with the best of friends.  I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I thank you so much for being a part of my life over this past year.

Merry Christmas!






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  1. Oh, your house looks just lovely, Lori! And that tension rod idea was GENIUS!!!! Oh, and we talked today that our elf Bubbles may just have to pop back in once or twice during the year to say hi. I think he misses us!