Today  I thought I’d let you in on a little secret.  I know that you all think that my life is completely glamourous, full of gorgeous furniture, luxurious fabrics and completely organized spaces.  How else would an interior decorator’s life be?

my dining room

Well, how’s this for a reality check?  This is what my dining room looks like as we speak.  Two design projects and a few random Christmas boxes in here.


my kitchen

Here’s my kitchen.  Hydrangeas for a Christmas project, tools and a stepstool sit ready for an install.


my garage

…and finally, the garage.  This actually looks pretty good, but no shot of my car getting in here!

I’ll be honest, there’s is a lot going on right now.  You’re looking at 3 different design projects at various stages of completion.  The garage and kitchen contain items for a Christmas install that happens today. Yay!

Is my life glamourous? Hardly.  But it is interesting, challenging and fun.  My point is we all put a great deal of pressure on ourselves to have the most perfect spaces, especially this time of year.  Give yourself a break.  Relax a little.  Life is very rarely glamourous, no matter what you see on blogs and pinterest.  Remember those are just small snippets of people’s lives.  No one’s perfect and no space is perfect all the time either.

Take care, take it easy and I’ll see you back here on Wednesday with some before and afters of my Christmas install today!