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Hi everyone, I’ve been home for a couple of days now and I’m slowly, but surely getting back into the swing of things.  It’s really strange to go on vacation in November.  Even though Thanksgiving is still a week away, I’ve come back to Christmas planning, commercials and decorations everywhere.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not there yet!

I’ll get there, though.  But, today is about pretty pictures of warm waters and blue skies.  My trip was wonderful.  If it’s cold where you are, I hope this warms you up a bit!  Enjoy!

This is one of St. Maarten's beaches, not a bad place to hang out for the day.


Loved these colorful boats tied up next to the beach.


The buildings in St. Maarten were colorful and fun!

This is the Holland hotel where we had lunch.

The view from our table.

The view from the bar.  I could have stayed here forever!


Beautiful alleyway between two shops. v

Unfortunately, the weather was rainy when we stopped at St. Thomas, but it was still beautiful.  My mom and I took a tour of the island.  This is one of the highest points overlooking the city of Charlotte Amalie.


My mom and I standing above Magen’s Bay.  Sorry for the cloudy pic, but we were determined to see the sites, rain or no rain!


Friday, I’ll share some of our pictures from the ship itself.  That part was quite an adventure.  I suffer from motion sickness pretty badly, so I was prepared, thanks to some great advice from Sherry, with a patch to keep it under control.  Boy, did I need it!  Let’s just say the weather the first couple of days was not kind.  But, we made the most of it!

Have a great one and see you Friday!







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  1. hello. i’m going on a western carribean cruise beginnging thanksgiving day. i’m curious what advice sherry gave you with regard to motion sickness. i’ m worried i might be a good canidate for it. how were you were able to avoid it? thanks for your advice.

  2. Such beautiful photos Lori! I’d love to be there right now. It’s damp, rainy, and dreary here in PA today so these photos really cheer me up. The colors are really pretty throughout and the mountains!! Looks like a great trip.