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via Not a DIY Diva

Have you all seen the e-book written by blogger extraordinaire Melissa Michaels of the Inspired Room?  I downloaded it two days ago and have read it twice now.  If you are like me, trying to balance your family, your blog and your work, this will be a great read for you.  Melissa’s goal is to get us to focus on what’s really important in our lives and stop trying to live up to our perceptions of perfection.

I mean, you feel it, right?  You look through blogs, Facebook and Pinterest and feel that everyone’s space is more together and more beautiful than your own and think that you must be doing something wrong.  If you can just do more projects, decorate every room for each holiday perfectly and prepare three healthy meals a day, all the while keeping up with your work, your husband and homework, things will be perfect.  But, is that really so?  Melissa doesn’t think so and I don’t either, even though I still find myself trying to do it all sometimes.  It drives me nuts when I’m so busy that my house is a wreck and all my family has had to eat for two days is cereal (without milk).

Melissa’s e-book, however, helps us to get in touch with our authentic side.  She tells us it’s okay to not be a DIY diva (she’s not and neither am I!).  There I said it.  I love to buy craft supplies, paper, and have amazing plans for it all.  But to be honest, just like Melissa, I like the idea of it more than the actual act of doing it.  And that’s okay.

via Not a DIY Diva

This is my new mantra.  I’m going to try very hard not to stress out over the dirty dishes in the sink and the huge pile of laundry that is so tall it might fall over at any moment.  I’m going to enjoy my family, my home and my work.  The past few months have been pretty stressful around here, but if there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that I’m content with what I have.  My home will never be perfect by magazine, blog or Pinterest standards, but it’s perfect for us and that’s all that really matters.

If your looking for an inspiring read, I encourage you to download Not a DIY Diva.

What can you do today to live a more authentic life by your own standards, in your own time?  Love to hear it!

Have a wonderful weekend friends and thank you for all of your amazing support!


5 Responses

  1. Wow, I’m going to try to take some time to read Melissa’s book. I saw some buzz about it but hadn’t had a chance to look into it much further. Sounds like a great read. And I couldn’t agree with you more – there are so many mediums available nowadays for people to get an “idea” of what things are supposed to be like, but c’mon we’re all human and nothing is perfect. I think I have some great ideas at times, but do they ever happen? Most of the time, no. My family is most important and the other stuff can wait. Great post Lori – have a great weekend! There is talk of SNOW here in PA tomorrow – I’m in denial.

  2. Wow! I love the theme of this. It’s so true! We’re all busy comparing ourselves to others and getting inspiration overload sometimes that we don’t just allow it to actaully happen. I’ll be checking this book out for sure!! Have a great weekend Lori 😉

  3. This is so on point for me right now! Just last night I was telling my husband (in the middle of a project) that I am not a DIY’er and why it is really worth it to pay someone who does this (in this case a sewing project) all the time…as a professional! Worth every penny! I am going to read it right now! Take care, Caroline

  4. It’s inspiring to look at all the amazing projects all over blogland, but I’m also inspired by bloggers who have their priorites in line ~ faith, family, being a great wife and mom! Thanks for the reminder of what’s important, Lori!