Hi all, I’m sharing another client design plan today and this one I think we can all relate to.  Let’s talk about mixing textures.  The word texture can apply to many things.  In this plan it is all about the furniture.  My goal with this plan was to make it feel sophisticated, yet comfy and family friendly.   My client loves neutrals, so there are no bright pops of color with this plan, it’s all about the textures in the space.

Neutral design plan

There’s a gorgeous dark leather sofa that will remain in the space, so I wanted to add lighter finished woods with the media console and cocktail table to lighten things up a bit.  We’re off to a good start with the textures.  Think leather plus bleached, gray toned woods with dark rustic metal hardware.  Looks great, right?  But what’s missing?


via interior-design.net via Pinterest

The bling!  Isn’t this space just TO DIE FOR?!  I seriously want to frame this photo, just so I can look at it all the time.  Obviously, this space has a whole lot of bling, but you get the idea.  Particularly in a neutral space, you need some sparkle.  That’s your pop.


via everythingfab.com

Here’s another look that’s a bit more subdued, but no less beautiful.  Of course, you notice the mirror right away, but what about the acrylic table, the silver floor lamp.  These two things also offer a bit of shine in the space.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be in your face, like my first example above.  For most of us, it would be more subtle.


Neutral design plan

Here’s another look at the design plan.  Can you see my bling?  The hexagon side table in nickel, the mirrored chest and the mercury glass accessories add subtle sparkle to this sophisticated, yet neutral plan.  We now have leather, gray washed wood tones and dark rustic hardware with a pop of bling.  Perfect.

Remember, if you have a neutral space, mixing textures is a must.  Be sure to add in a bit of sparkle and you will be on your way to a beautiful space.