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I’ve been working on a new client project this week and I wanted to share the design board that I’ve prepared for my presentation.  (It’s today, so wish me luck!)  This project is an office update.  The existing furniture pieces are great and staying, but there’s no focus to the space, no window treatments, no rug, no accessories.

My last few projects have been primarily neutrals which you all know that I love, but I was really excited when this client was so open to color.  I know you all have seen this photo floating around. (For some reason, I don’t have the source, so if you know it, please let me know.)

via Veranda magazine, room by Kay Douglass

This was my first inspiration photo.  I knew I wanted gray walls.  I played around with shades of plum, but kept coming back to this fabulous green with gray and cream.


via Architectural Digest

Once I saw this photo, using more gorgeous shades of green and gray, I was sold.  This is an office update, so there are a lot of hard lines in the space, including built in bookshelves and a desk, which, of course have to stay.  My goal was to add a bit of softness with the fabrics.  I tend to shop for the fabrics first, because I take such inspiration from them.  Here’s a sneak peak at one of the design boards that I’ll be presenting today.


The soft gray and cream in the rug picks up the gray from the walls.  The tray and boxes give another pop of that great grassy green color.

 Schumacher fabrics

Sherry Hart introduced me to the Schumacher showroom and my life may never be the same!  To see all those huge pieces of gorgeous fabric everywhere is complete designer heaven for me!  I decided to use Imperial trellis in treillage for the window treatments.  Nanjing in smoke will be made into a pillow with the gorgeous green velvet trim.  By the way, I know it says sage, but it’s really far from it, in my opinion, much brighter.


Behr elephant skin

Here’s the paint color.  It’s Behr’s elephant skin.  Not sure how it reads on your computer, but it is a very clean mid tone gray that will ground the light wood floors and built ins in the space.


via Goods from the Right Bank

I’m thinking about adding these gorgeous black pedestal bowls from Ally’s new shop.  The faux coral would also be great on the bookshelves.



As you can see, I’ve mixed both high and low with this design.  The fabrics from Schumacher are the high and the accessories like the boxes from Ikea are the low.  Remember, everything doesn’t have to be expensive.  I wanted the graphic punch of the fabric to be the focal point in the room, so I budgeted more funds toward the window treatments and less toward accessories.  Figure out what’s most important in your project and plan your budget accordingly.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  It’s cold here in Atlanta, so we’ll be bundling up for soccer tomorrow and then warming up in front of the fire tomorrow night with friends.  See you on Monday!



6 Responses

  1. Well this is one fabulous plan you’ve got cooked up. I love the mix of high and low and always try to think of that when I’m doing a board too. I have never been in a Schumacher showroom but I can imagine the light headed and dizzy feelings being surrounded by all of that beautiful fabric. I love the green. And you know I just saw that first image and I can’t remember the original source either – if I find it or think of it I will let you know. I LOVE the AD image – that one is right up my alley. Best of luck today – I don’t see how it couldn’t be a go!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. love gray & green together! what a great room. And yes Schumacher is one of my favorites along with Kravet- I get goose bumps when I walk in there.

  3. How could they not love your beautiful choices for softening the office? Home Goods is always my go to spot for finding great accessories that look high-end, almost as much fun as the Schumacher showroom! 🙂

    When you Atlanta soccer fans think you’re chilly, think of us in CO, the low is 26 degrees where our team will be playing in the morning….brrrr!