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I hope you all had  wonderful weekend.  Ours was pretty laid back compared to our normal schedule and I was so glad about it.  I took the opportunity to work on my new office space that will be upstairs in our playroom/exercise area once it’s completed.  I’ve been working at the dining room table and while it gives me plenty of space, I just hate the mess.  I’d love to say that I keep everything in it’s place, but there are fabric samples, accessories and papers everywhere and that’s not what I like for people to see when they walk through the front door.  Part of the reason it’s so messy is that I don’t have appropriate storage options in the dining room, so I’m on the hunt for something for the new office.  Here are a few options that I’ve found.

via the Little Green Notebook

I love the simplicity of this space.  You can see the storage there to the right of the desk.  I like that it’s open and not too big.  My space is pretty small, so I can’t have anything too big.


via Design Sponge

This is a great option for me because it includes open and closed storage.  Aren’t the colors here just to die for?


via BHG

This may be the answer for my space.  By using the baskets, I get the closed storage that I need, plus the open look that I like.


via Google

Isn’t this a great option for project management?  Such a great idea!


via Houzz

Another great, but simple storage idea.  Can you see the shelf that has been hung to hold the fabric swatches?  This might work for me.


via Treehugger

This won’t work for me, but what a great space saver!  Can’t you see just closing this up when company comes, sliding it over in the corner as the perfect console table.  I wish I had come up with it!  Great idea!

What do you use for storage in your office space?  Are you (a little) messy like me or is everything always in it’s place?  I’m looking for outside the box ideas, so let me know!


6 Responses

  1. These are all really great ideas and such pretty office spaces. I really love that Design Sponge image, but the clipboards on the wall are such a great idea – I could see that working really well. Is the BHG office Amy Meier’s? I remember seeing that desk and those really great lamps and think it might be hers. I don’t have an office right now, but I hope someday when we move to another home to have another space dedicated to an office area. I’d love to try to make the space that we do have in our current home functional and organized – this might be the push that I need.

  2. Does the dining room table and kitchen island count? I suppose I could use the basement, but it’s 1938 and not exactly the place for inspiration! 🙂 Love the third one, can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Ummmmmm, I would be pretty embarrassed if someone photographed my office right now! FEMA should be called in! The past month has been so hectic that I have just thrown everything together. The plan for this week is to dig out before I go crazy!!