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Hi all! It’s finally feeling like fall here in Atlanta.  After a super hot summer (hottest ever everyone says, but that’s what they always say), the the temps dipped down into the 40’s this weekend.  Even though we were swamped with soccer and our first fall swim meet, I managed to start my outdoor fall display.  Full disclosure here, I like to keep things simple with my holiday decorating.  Fall is crazy around here with school, sports and my design work, so I’m doing good to grab a few pumpkins and throw them on the porch.  Last year, we didn’t even get the pumpkins carved!  The girls didn’t seem to mind, so I was all good.   This year I wanted to do a bit more, so I started to make my plan a couple of weeks back.  I finished part of it this weekend and now I’m on to the doors and that means wreaths.  Nothing fancy or too difficult.  Take a look at my options and let me know which one you’d choose.

via Thrifty Decorating

Love the amount of color and the total cost?? A whopping $11!  I have double doors, so I need two wreaths.  I like the idea of square vs. round for my space.


via Susie Harris

I love these beauties that Susie made from leftovers of other wreaths laying around her house.  I, on the other hand, am not so lucky to have such gorgeous options lying around, so this probably won’t be my choice.  But, I do love it…


via O. Alouette

The whimsy of this wreath makes me smile.  Couldn’t you see it working for so many different holidays?  Just change out the colors and you can make in feel like Christmas, Valentines or spring.


via Wild Ink

This wreath really speaks to me and not just because the talented lady behind Wild Ink made it for free, but because I love the texture of the magnolia leaves and the sparkle that the spray paint adds to the overall look.  I might add a simple ribbon at the top, but other than that it’s the perfect simple look that I love.


via The Sweet Survival

For my last option, I chose another understated, yet elegant option.  As long as you can make a pretty bow, you’ve got it made.

So, which option would you choose and why?  I really haven’t decided, but I have to do it asap.  I’ll post the finished porch project on Thursday, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Have you done any fall decorating?  Send me some pics and I’ll feature you on the blog.  I love to see what you’ve all done!





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  1. The last one is my favorite and like you said as long as you can rock a good bow this would be easy. And whatever those orange sprigs are – you could make those whatever color you wanted along with the bow – that’s why that ones my choice: easy and easy to customize to the color scheme you want. I’m all about ease too. I hope to get some pumpkins this week and maybe do a stencil or two on them. I’ll send you a picture or two if they come out decent. Have a great day!

  2. Hey Lori!! Been following your blog, which is wonderful (not that I’m surprised). Here are my thoughts….Susie Harris, Wild Ink and The Sweet Survival look the most “Lori” to me. But I think out of the three, The Sweet Survival wins for me. I think it’s simple, classy and looks easy to accomplish (since you want it done this week). I’ll send you a separate email soon to touch base with you soon!!

  3. Hmm…..I always love square, but those magnolia leaves are too pretty! Can’t wait to see what you choose!