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Hi all,

Sorry about the break yesterday.  I was beat and my brain could not process another blog post.  I really have to get ahead of the game a bit, but at this point, there just aren’t enough hours in the day!  Back to it today though!

I spent Wednesday with the lovely Sherry Hart of Design Indulgence.  If you haven’t read her blog, then where have you been?  Head on over as soon as you’re done here!  Sherry and I meet at ADAC in Atlanta.  She was gracious enough to show me around some of her favorite fabric resources and it was amazing!

Here are a few things we saw…

Fabric from Kravet

I pulled so many fabrics that my head was spinning, but once I sorted through everything this was one of the collections I put together.  I’m thinking of using this for a new client’s space.  Can you see the shimmer in the 1st one and the white with diamond shapes?  So much more beautiful in person.  I wish you could see them.  The 1st one is a Barbara Barry fabric that has a hint of blue shimmer.





We both found ourselves drawn to these gorgeous blues, like this one from Amanda Nisbet.  I should have gotten so many more photos, but I was too busy looking!


Great idea

Of course, we had to stop at some of the amazing furniture showrooms along the way.  Isn’t this a great idea?  You could really do it inexpensively too!


Great chair

Loved this updated Windsor.


Orange side table

Of course, I couldn’t pass up this fabulous orange side table, until I saw the price.  Sherry and I decided we could find a more economical version and paint it to get a similar look.



Love mix of the stripe and the animal print on this velvet sofa.  That mirrored side table was gorgeous too!


Bright colors!

I’ll leave you with this happy piece!  It made me smile.  I hope you all have a great weekend.  I’m off to help out with another HGTV project today!  Not my own, but very exciting!  More on Monday…





5 Responses

  1. Oh you and Sherry shopping together? Dangerous! 🙂 Sounds like a busy, fun-filled shopping day – especially when it includes fabric. Sounds like you were knee deep in fabric but those are some beautiful choices you showed – looking forward to seeing how you use that Barbara Barry fabric.

  2. I love Design Indulgence-how awesome that you two know each other! And love ALL those fabrics. Dont you just get all giddy when you get around fabric? I literally get goosebumps when I walk into the fabric showroom.
    Cant wait to hear more about your HGTV adventures-I saw a little tweeting back & fourth with you, Rhoda & Layla- Im sure it awesome stuff!!

  3. Well I’m jealous 🙂 How fun that must have been and I cannot think of a better person to take your first tour with. I’ll bet you had lots of laughs. Love those fabrics, by the way.