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Today, I’m joining Rene over at Cottage and Vine for her monthly Room by Room series.  We’re touring family rooms this time, so enjoy my pics and then head on over to Cottage and Vine and take a tour of the other beautiful family rooms in blogland!

Family room before

So, this is the room I saw when we first walked into this house.  It was so dark and it smelled old and musty.


Family room

Here’s the after.  It’s amazing what a different paint color can do.  We also simplified the mantle and replace the brick with marble.  Such an inexpensive change that made an huge difference to the overall feel of the space.  I know, I know I need a rug, but I have yet to find something I really like.  I also wish they made invisible tv’s, don’t you?


Family room

I love this painting.  I can just imagine sitting on that front porch and watching the day go by…


Family room

I’ve had this mirror for years.  It’s huge and really heavy.  I think it’s a great example of how you can mix a piece with more modern lines in with a more traditional feeling space.


Family room

Real or not real?  I’ll never tell!


Family room before

Here’s a last look at the before.  We removed the wall on the right and opened the formal living and family room up to one another.


Family room now

Here you can see into the front room(the fireplace is to the left).  Who needs a formal living room any more anyway?  We needed an office!  Now, we can be together as a family even if we are doing different things.

I hope you enjoyed my family room tour.  You can find more family room inspiration at Cottage and Vine!  Come join us!


13 Responses

  1. LOL. I saw the first picture and thought just for a split second it was the after!!! JK……cause I knew better :). Looks so warm and cozy now. Love the fireplace update.

  2. Lori I would never know this is the same room! The before and after is truly amazing. So fresh and airy now and that mantle surround was a nice touch. Yes, yes to invisible tvs. They have sure given me a time with furniture placement.

    Thanks so much for sharing your family room in the the series!