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All summer the color blocking trend has been coming on strong, first in fashion and now in the home.  It’s a bold statement that I have to admit for me is too out there for my wardrobe.  But I’m loving it for the home.

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Here are my tips on mastering this trend.


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1)  Keep it simple.  It doesn’t take huge splashes of color to make this trend work.  In the first photo, the artwork and the rug are the main pops of color in the space.  The yellow rectangle on the wall is definitely the focal point in the next photo, but the other splashes of color are made with the furniture and accessories.


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2) Remember your color families.  Keep brights with brights and pastels with pastels.  I’m sure there may be exceptions to this rule, but for me this works best.


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3) Feel free to mix and match colors.  This may require you to step outside your comfort zone a bit.  The furniture piece above and this door are great examples of how multiple colors can work together.  There also great examples of how color blocking can work not only on your walls but also for your furniture and outdoor spaces.  Have fun with it!


Have you embraced this trend in your home?  How do it feel about it?  Do you love it? Not so much?  Love to hear your thoughts!









3 Responses

  1. I really like the look for the home – especially in the child’s room image. I like your tip for keeping bolds with bolds and lighter pastels together. I don’t think I’d actually do this look in our home but I like the idea of it.