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Ready for part 2 of our girls’ weekend in NC?  On Saturday, we headed out to the Cashiers Showhouse.  What a beautiful place!  Here are a few of my favorite photos.

from the driveway

This is only the back part of the house.  The front connects in a L formation.


the entry

You know how much I love that acrylic desk!


sitting area

See the pleats on the Roman shades.  A small detail that added a nice finishing touch.


Guest bedroom

Love the mix of the modern and rustic in this room.


Guest bedroom

Aren’t canopies always romantic?


covered porch

This was my absolute favorite spaces in the house.  It was designed by Francie Hargrove.  More on her next week…

covered porch

Another shot


cozy sitting area

Wish I could have gotten a better shot.  I can imagine sitting here with a good book in the winter with the snow falling and the fire burning.


another bedroom/office

This was a refreshing take in a house full of dark traditional spaces.  Can’t you just see yourself hanging out or even napping on that daybed?

desk in bedroom

I could so work here!

closeup of the desk

Such a relaxing space.



Look at that beautiful burlap swing! We could have stayed here all day.


view front the back porch

This is the view from the swing.


just one of the beautiful plants/Can you see the fuzzy caterpillar?

So, that’s a few of my favorite pics.  Hope you enjoyed them.  Stay tuned for Part 3 next week!  Can you guess what it is?  I’ll give you a hint, it’s one of the things design bloggers love to do most!








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  1. Looks great, Lori! Isn’t it funny how we can all be in the same space and yet our photos are shot so differently–so many different perspectives. I guess I can’t guess on what Part 3 will be 😉

  2. The cozy sitting area looks divine. It makes me wish for cold, raining Nor Cal day in front of the fire. I can’t believe I’m wishing for that! How awesome that you got to see all of this in person, Lori!

  3. What a fabulous, cozy house! Do you have a close-up of the Roman shade with the pleats attached to the bottom? I am planning to have a shade made for our bathroom, and I love the idea of adding the pleats. Since someone else would be making it for me, I would need a picture to show them what I want.

    I love being able to tour this showhouse without actually making a trip there. Thanks for showing it to us!

  4. Shut the front door! I love this cabin! I expected animal heads and tartan plaid, but this is so gorgeous! And, THAT DESK! I could blog my little heart out right there!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Kerry at

  5. Hi Lori,

    So nice to see some different rooms. Rhoda didn’t show some of these. Just gorgeous. Love the canopy beds and that porch and view. Wow! Just so gorgeous.

    Have a great weekend!