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Family room and office

I have a confession to make, ever since I was the wall decor buyer at the Bombay Company several years ago, I haven’t been able to commit to artwork for my home.  Don’t get me wrong, I have some pieces, but very few.  I want my artwork to speak to me, to mean something to me.  The problem with that is that the pieces that speak to me are generally very expensive.  So, you can begin to see the problem here.  I would love to buy original art, but something always gets in the way.  You know, new school clothes, bathroom repairs and food.  But, just recently, when HGTV came by to do a photo shoot for my Design Wars episode, I was able to deck out my home in original artwork thanks to dk Gallery.  It was amazing!  I thought you might enjoy the experience too.


Marie Turk Garcia in my foyer


Maria Turk Garcia over the mantle

Sorry about the tv, at least the colors work!


Lisa Daria Kennedy

This photo does no justice to these pieces.  They are velvety in texture and the colors have so much depth.  Kennedy is one of my new favorites for sure!


Carylon Killebrew

Carylon’s piece is on the left and Eric’s photo from India is on the right.


Joyce Howell and Marie Turk Garcia


Joyce Howell

This my absolute favorite.  It’s called Beautiful Saris Everywhere.  I actually feel emotional when I look at it and it was so beautiful in my dining room.  It’s definitely on my wish list now.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.  I so wish I could have kept all of the pieces, but it was not meant to be right now.  This photo shoot has inspired me to focus on more artwork for our home.  So, keep an eye out, I’ll be adding more pieces soon!





5 Responses

  1. We must be on the same wavelength today Lori. That last painting is gorgeous. I guess we could have more original art if it wasn’t for things like feeding the family 🙂

  2. Oh, I agree, the Joyce Howell is pretty stunning. I think when art speaks to you on that level, it’s certainly worth going for…I bet you wouldn’t be disappointed. Although I do understand how so many other expenses (like food!) can get int he way. I hear you!


  3. Oh, that Joyce Howell is gorgeous in your dining room! We are big art fans in my house. When we first moved in, we had many unfurnished rooms … but darned if we didn’t buy a big art piece for the foyer!! And I’m so glad we did … I just love it and all of the other pieces we’ve invested in. Now if only I hadn’t just had to get my exterior trim repainted, repair my living room ceiling, replace the shocks in my car … Yep, you are right — reality gets in the way!!!