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Caroline and me

I love to meet fellow bloggers, especially when they turn out to be as nice as my new friend Caroline from A Flair for Vintage Decor.  I met Caroline on Saturday at her little shop inside Gas Lamp Antiques mall in Nashville.  After my crazy day on Friday, a short road trip was a welcomed distraction.  After loading my new dresser into my car, we took a quick tour around the antique mall.  Here’s a rundown of the things we saw…

Here’s a shot of Caroline’s beautiful shop.


I sooo wanted this table.

Here’s a closeup of the top.  I can’t remember what the stone was, but it was gorgeous!


How’s this for a festive booth?  You can’t help but feel patriotic standing here.


Thought about buying this little guy, but he was a bit steep for my taste.  Love the color though.


A beachy booth…


These lovelies came home with me!


Too bad this gold bamboo shelf wouldn’t fit in my car!


Caroline and I both stopped to stare at this fabulous creation using silverware.  How creative!  My picture really does it no justice.


After our tour, we had a yummy lunch at The Yellow Porch.  It was a pleasure to spend my day with Caroline.  Can’t wait to do it again, friend!

And thanks to all of you for the amazing comments from yesterday’s post.  I can truly feel your warm thoughts and support.  We are taking things one day at a time and today was a good day.  Hope it was for you too!









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  1. Ahh! How fun that must have been! I would love to meet each of you AND to see Caroline’s lovely store. What a treat.