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Hi all!  I’m back from my week off and it was so great!  Here are a few photos from our trip… Back to my regular posts tomorrow!



View from our condo.  It was such a dream to sit on the balcony and look out at this every day.



My little fishes!  My youngest learned to swim on this trip and my oldest wiped out big time right after this pic was taken.  Let’s just say she was not so into the boogie board after that…

If you’ve ever been to Hilton Head, I’m sure you’ve heard of Gregg Russell.  It was our first time to take the girls and they loved him!  Be sure and add this show in Harbortown to your to do list.

This is the mama and baby dolphin that we saw on our dolphin tour!  Sorry it’s not a better picture, but we were pretty close.

Me and my cuties!



The family.  This was such a magical vacation.  Thanks for letting me indulge a bit.

Thanks again to all of my guest post ladies from last week.  You truly made it a relaxing time for me!

Have a wonderful day!































9 Responses

  1. Omg Lori!! You have a very beautiful family and your girls are so photogenic! I just about melted just from the 1st 2 pictures! I’m glad you all had a wonderful time. Glad to have you back!


  2. Welcome back!! What gorgeous images! I have never seen Gregg Russell in Harbour Town before…and we around there every year– I will have to look into that next year! Take care, Caroline

    1. Oh, you really should go! He was great. My girls loved him! He also hosts the dolphin tour that we went on the next morning. Well worth it!

  3. hi Lori, your pictures are gorgeous!!! looks like a amazing trip, glad you and your family had such a nice vacation.