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We’re taking on the closet office today.  Yesterday, I showed you the inspiration photo and light fixture that my oldest and I have settled on for her new room.  You can read that here.  Now we’re on to the the office area.  She’s only 7 (almost 8, she wants me to say!), but she and her little sis work on crafty projects constantly (the light streaming from your computer is me beaming with pride!).  This closet office will give her the space she needs to do those projects and also give her the homework space that she needs in the future.  Here are our favorites…


Love the simplicity and function of this space!  Right now the closet has no doors, just curtains, but after seeing this photo we are considering using the doors to maximize the storage.  And, let’s face it, the space won’t always look like this, so it might be nice to shut the doors and hide the mess!


via Houzz

Love the drawers that are built in on the side here.  Our biggest challenge is using that space to the sides of the closet most effectively.  I think they did a good job here.


via Decorpad

Check out those fun legs on this Sarah Richardson design!  Love it!


via Houzz

This photo is by far our favorite.  Love the colors, love the chair and especially the wallpaper in the back.  If we don’t put doors on the closet, this is a great option that is beautiful as well as functional and isn’t that always our goal?

Hope you all have a great Thursday!  We are packing for vacation today, we leave on Saturday, but no worries, I have some exciting things in store for the blog next week with the help of some of my great blogger friends!

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