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Most of you know, I’ve been planning a remodel of my oldest’s room for a while now.  She’s turning 8 next month and it’s time for a more grown up space.  We been searching inspiration photos for weeks now and I we’ve finally settled on a look that we both love.  I don’t have the source for this photo, but if you know where it’s from, please let me know and I will update this post.


My oldest and I both love the bold print in this room combined with the more subtle wall color and simple accessories.  The favorite thing for my oldest, though, is the Sputnik light fixture.  I’ve been searching for one for a while now.  I wanted a vintage one from the 1950’s, but unfortunately the price was a bit high for our budget.  This weekend, however, I found a great reproduction on Ebay!  We were both thrilled.  The room remodel has finally begun!!



We are now on to fabrics, furniture and a new closet office space!  I have also found a beautiful dresser with the help of one of my blogger friends, more on that in Friday’s post.  Today, we’re researching built-in closet offices.  My oldest has two closets in her room, with the addition of a dresser, she will really only need one.  Since the room is on the small side, our plan is to build her desk area into the other closet space.  Have you done this in your own home?  Seen any good photos?  We are on the hunt for the perfect inspiration photo, so if you have one, please send it our way!

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  1. Hey Girlie, I went to Garden Ridge here in Kennesaw this week. Believe it or not..they just got a HUGE shipment in of “high-end” upholstery type fabric. They were just unloading the boxes when I was there but it appears they are all 2 yrd rems for only $5.99!

    Perhaps there will be something you can use in the room you are doing for “C”? This fabric will also make some pretty throw pillows or seat covers. If I can find enough fabric I want to try to make this headboard from the Pottery Barn catalog…
    Are you interested in making one too? Do you want to come over and “play”? Paula