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This is Kristen of Kristen F. Davis Designs.  She is the fabulous decorative painter who painted this adorable mural in my Nicholas House room.

Kristen posted about our Room Service Atlanta project today on her blog!  I can’t thank her enough for volunteering her time at Nicholas House.  More details on Kristen next week!

10 Responses

  1. her FREE HAND wall art was amazing, and your room is really, really gorgeous Lori! We’re so happy to have you on board–thank you, thank you for all of your hard work (and Heidi’s work, too!).

    1. Isn’t her work amazing? It really added so much to the room. Loved being a part of this Dayka! Thank you for having me!

  2. I just saw the art as I was leaving yesterday! It’s so cute! You did such an amazing job on your entire room – it’s gorgeous. ! Looking forward to seeing you again when we’re not all sweating buckets. 🙂

    1. Thanks Ally! I would love to hang out with some coffee or a festive beverage instead of a paint brush, for sure!!

  3. woo hoo! thank you so much for having me paint, and i can’t wait to see your room fully completed! i know it’s going to be gorgeous. it was so nice spending the morning with you and heidi – great to be getting to know you 🙂

  4. Lori, Love the website and the blog. This tree is so precious. It was great to meet you and share some painting thoughts. I will definatly be following you!

  5. Hi Lori!! I just want to say your room turned out great!! and Kristen did an awesome job on the mural on the wall! I will also feature your room among my favorites this week on my blog!