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A couple of weeks ago, we packed up the family for a trip to AZ to visit my in-laws.  They live in a beautiful little town outside Scottsdale called Fountain Hills.

Obviously, this is the fountain the town was named for.  It is quite a site to see, actually.  I first visited the desert over 10 years ago and I have to say, it did not speak to me back then.  I just could not understand why anyone would want to live there.  It seemed so barren and brown.  But, after a few short visits, I began to see the beauty.

How amazing is that?  This is the sunset view from my in-laws patio.  Just breathtaking…

We also went on a hike on this trip, a long hike.  I’ll be honest and say, that hiking is not always my first choice on the daily to do list, but if I lived here, I might change my mind.  It was great once we got to the top and my girls were troopers. I was a bit skeptical about the 4 yr old making it the full 2 miles!

This is the view looking back from where we had hiked.  We were all pretty proud of ourselves.

Okay, so there’s a reason for showing you so many of my vacation photos.  There is so much inspiration around us.  I didn’t see it when I first started traveling to AZ, but now it’s just fascinating to me.  I’ve always wanted to design a home here, so this week I am going to spend some time with my Southwestern inspiration.  Hope you enjoy it!

I’d love to hear what inspires you most.  Drop me a note!




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