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Yesterday I met with a new client, she has two adorable little girls who need room makeovers.  The challenge is that she does not want these rooms to scream bright pink and purple and look completely different from the rest of her house.  So, I’m thinking something a bit more soft and classic.  Perhaps something like this from Censational Girl.  So sweet.

Censational Girl


Or this from Just a Girl.  I just love the wall color and the tree in the corner.  Chris painted it.  What an amazing job!  But you could also get a decal if your tree painting skills are anything like mine!  Here’s one from Modern Wall Graphics and there are so many more out there.  A pretty economical way to make a major impact on your wall!

Just a Girl

Last but not least, this room that was featured in Traditional Home.  I know the colors are a bit brighter, but what little girl wouldn’t want to sleep in this room!  I know plenty of big girls, myself included, who would love to have this room!

Traditional Home/PJ Hollyhocks Design

What are your thoughts?  Do you want your kids rooms to coordinate with the rest of your house? Or is it bright pink and purple all the way?  We’ll see what the homeowner decides.  More on this project to come…




5 Responses

    1. Oh I know, I so wish I could build that exact bed in my little girl’s room! Thanks for visiting, love your blog!

  1. I always preferred a very subtle gender-typing for kids’ rooms:). Daughter had a pink rug, but the rest of the colors were lavender and peach and celadon. Walls were the same as the rest of the house.

    1. I think it’s different for everyone, always a compromise. My seven yr old wanted purple glitter walls for a while! Thanks for visiting Lisa.

  2. I’m in love with the toile fabric headboard in the room by PJ Hollyhocks design. Do you have any information on the fabric used? I’ve been looking everywhere.