Accessories That Shine

One of my favorite accessories are lamps. Going through photos of our past projects there is a common theme…they’re almost all white. Accessorizing with white is timeless, classic, and hints to a modern feel. Take a look at some of my favorite accessories that shine – lamps.


Lori White Lamp Collage 1

We were instantly drawn to the unique shape of this lamp base. It’s interesting, modern, and shows really well against the black bookcase. In a room full of architectural interest it was fun to bring architecturally influenced accessories into the room. You can always have fun with lamps!









In this basement living room we added a wall of mirrors as the backdrop to this lamp, allowing for light to be reflected to the max. Dark basements really are a thing of the past when you choose properly placed lighting and creative light-maximizing solutions.








Matching lamps flank a sitting area in this master suite. The white lamps almost disappear against the wall of windows. Classic beauty.




Varying lamp heights can also bring sophistication and elegance. The thin and tall metal lamp base gives this short dresser the height needed to balance the tall ceilings and vertical artwork. And of course, we chose a white lamp shade to complete the elegantly modern look.



Here’s another example of how mirrors and lamps work together to bring extra light. This mirrored desk doubles as a vanity, reflecting and enhancing light in just the right places. A fabric lamp shade brings texture and interest while the more traditional, curved lamp base softens the sharp lines of the desk and lightens up what would otherwise be a dark corner of the room. Whether you’re reading a book, writing a note, or applying makeup the placement of this lamp is spot on. We also love how the cord is hidden by the leg of the desk. Which brings up another wonderful light solution, cordless lamps. We love the cordless selections at Modern Lantern.





Lamp bases come in all shapes and sizes, but when we found this one with an interesting texture and pattern, it was too good to pass up. Have fun when shopping for lamps. They’re more than just a light source. They’re an important design element and if you think about it, they’re one of the largest accessories in your home.

Put Your Feet Up - Comfortable Basement Lounging

This Marietta home boasts a comfortably casual basement that makes you feel right at home. Everything in this room is meant to be enjoyed and capable of handling real life…spills and all! We chose wood-tone plank tile flooring as it is just as beautiful as it is durable. It can withstand pretty much anything, which we love!

You’ll notice that we have added trays and moveable tables so that there’s a place for everything. The ottoman, footed with wheels, doubles as a footrest for movie-watching and as a coffee table with a tray on top.

This table is perfect for reading your favorite book while not taking up too much floor space with the base sliding under the sofa. Adding a sisal area rug brings in texture and warmth while the mirrors on the wall reflect natural light brightening everything up.

We placed a rustic wood bench behind the sofa to allow for extra seating and as a place to put a throw blanket, drinks and snacks. The most important part about a comfortable living room is having a place for everything you need within arms reach so you can put your feet up and enjoy.

Like the ottoman, this wheeled table is quite versatile. You can move it anywhere you need with ease. We especially love that it’s 3-tiered and metal, you really can’t ruin metal with an accidental spill. This is comfortable basement lounging. Inviting and warm, with everything you need within arms reach. It just doesn’t get any better that that!