What’s It Made Of?

If you’re planning to build a new home or start a renovation project, there are those important, yet sometimes confusing decisions you’ll need to make. Especially when it comes to selecting what things are made of, like kitchen and bath plumbing fixtures – even the things you don’t see, like valves and cartridges.





You know you want everything to be beautiful, but the variety out there can be a bit overwhelming. Here are some helpful hints to take the guesswork out of the process. There are several different metals and options regarding just what your faucet or fixture is made of. There’s brass, steel, zinc, plastic…but which one should you choose?


Here’s a quick-glance list of the pros and cons of each:


Long lasting
More expensive

Tend to rust
Less expensive

Least expensive of the metal options
Least durable of the metal options

Very low cost
Very limited life-span


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Valves are the next thing that you must ensure is of good quality. What you can’t see matters. Brass workings and valves are the best of the best, while plastic and steel are not known for their durability. Ceramic, being impervious to sand and sediment, is the best quality for cartridges.




Two-handle faucets
Washers wear out over time
Washers are easily replaced

Single-handle faucets
Difficult to repair

Lift-and-Turn faucet
Wear well
Easily repaired

Both single and double-handle models
Extremely durable
Rarely leaks
Easily repaired


Selecting the best materials will help your new construction or remodel project last in the most beautiful way.


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The next step is to select the finishes. There’s a wide-range of options, which we’ll introduce in Series II of “Helpful Hints – Kitchen and Bath Fixtures.”

AMARA Blog Award Announcement! #IBA16






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The #IBA16 AMARA Interior Blog Awards are here and it’s our first time to be nominated! We are thrilled and honored to have been selected for such an incredible award. It is pure joy to do what I love and to share projects and design tips with you through our blog.

Voting just opened and I would be so thankful if you would take the time to visit their site and give a vote to our design firm, as voting ends soon.

The five blogs with the most votes will make it onto the shortlist for their category for the panel of judges to then review. We’re excited and honored to be nominated for this award and we look forward to blogging more and more!


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