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The right accessories really help pull a room together. From traditional to modern, your design style can be reflected in the accessories you choose. One of my favorite ways to brighten a space is with white accessories. From pillows to vases and everything in between, white is a favorite go-to of mine for bringing sophistication and crisp style to any room.






This dark room with stone walls and deep wood finishes needed something to balance the heaviness of the deep tones and textures. We teamed up with Sherry Hart Designs at the St. Philip’s Cathedral Show House in Atlanta to lighten this room up. Sherry also loves white accessories! We chose a soft, comfy white chair and accessorized with a row of white vases on the desk to brighten up this dark, masculine room. We just love it!






Here’s a great tip for adding white to your tables and bookcases…wrap your books in white kraft paper. It’s an easy way to instantly add height and balance to your other accessories without the book covers being a distraction. We love how this vignette turned out. Polished, crisp, and full of interest.







Accessorizing with white, especially when we’re talking about pillows, rugs, or other fabrics, can be a time of worrying about wear or dirt – especially when you have children or pets. I understand! Choosing fabrics that are washable is key. A pillowcase can unzip and be laundered, a bath mat can be thrown in the wash. Here’s a snapshot of my life, white rug, dog and all!






Add some pop to your table top with white vases and bowls. Functional and beautiful, what’s better than that?!