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Hello everyone! It’s Jen from At Home in the Northwest! Today I’d like to share some quick and easy ways to bring a bit of spring to your front porch!

I always find this time of year a bit challenging when it comes to decorating my front porch. September through December are no brainers for me. But when it comes to January and February, I struggle. I confess I still have my sled propped up by my front door, and here we are at the beginning of March! I was craving something brighter…something fun and colorful.

After a little work, my porch was much happier {and so was I!}. Here is a quick look…

spring porch at home in the nw

Today, I want to share some ways that you can easily add a bit of spring {before it’s actually spring!} to your porch…

1. add a bright pillow

via the house that a-m built

Etsy has some great resources for outdoor pillows in a variety of colors. Here are a few of my favorites:

I love this first one. It’s made of oilcloth. That would be perfect for our rainy weather here in the northwest!

via etsy

How fun is it to have your house number added to a pillow, like the pillow below?! Or maybe a monogram?

via etsy

Pillows are a great way to add color! And it doesn’t have to be a big expense either. Target, Home Depot and Lowes all offer reasonably priced options.

2. add flowers

My Front Porch in Spring
via snippets from springdale


Even though we’re not yet to spring, you can pick up flowers at your local home improvement store or even Costco! For a minimal amount of money, you can make a big impact on your front porch! And if you’re not feeling up to getting your fingers in the dirt, pick up a pre-potted arrangement {like my Costco arrangement in the first picture!}

3. add a fern

Do you have a self declared black thumb? Maybe try adding a fern to your porch decor!

via 11 magnolia lane
source unknown

Or you could add some colorful flowers along with the potted ferns….

source unknown

4. add a new wreath

An otherwise boring front door can be brought to life with a fun wreath!

Etsy offers several options, like this square boxwood wreath.

via etsy

Of if you are up for a DIY project, here is a fun split pea wreath. Just add some ribbon or burlap and you’re all set!

via little things bring smiles

I hope you feel like you have a few tools on how to bring some spring to your front porch. And it doesn’t have to break the bank either!

Thanks for having me here today, Lori!


As always, thanks for stopping by with you fabulous ideas, Jen!  Which one was your favorite?  Mine was the pillow with the house number monogram!  Such a great idea!