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If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know how much I love dk Gallery.  Each month, they have a wonderful first Friday event.  This month’s event is no exception.

Jennifer Rivera and The Atlanta Poetry Community have joined forces to create a beautiful event.  Jennifer used poems such as Dr. Bruce Gillet’s moving piece about his late wife, as inspiration for her paintings.  The painting and a portion of the poem is shown below.



“My Eternal Spring”

Inspired by Dr. Bruce Gillet’s poem “Sans Souci Lounge (Romance)”

“…Deepest love grows, a journey

of twisting rapid rivulets

that slows with time and trust.

waters merge, flows as

one water, deep dark-blue; blessed – never enough.

Now my tears of remembrance are the only waters.

I long to care for you, to see you smile.

The promise of walking mountains in our eighties –  a dream.

The joy of holding hands, anywhere, everywhere always attached – a memory.

Inscribed in your wedding band and forever etched in my mind

Ma Vie Mon Amour My Eternal Spring 3-20-1996″

If you’re in the area, please don’t miss this event.  It will be moving and inspiring.  In these days of constant motion, a beautiful show like this is a welcomed respite.

Expressions of Love/February 1  6-9pm